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Conservatives are best at protecting our local business, our jobs, our pensions and our freedoms

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Conservatives need to be absolutely ready for the next election.  Every dollar that you invest in your local riding stays local to support the election of a Conservative Member of Parliament in your riding.


The Current Revenue Canada tax Credit on political donations is
75% of the first $400 donation

When you donate $400 to your riding, the actual cost to you is only $100 once you apply your tax credit of $300.

A $33.33 monthly donation in actual cost is $1.92 per week!*

*After tax credit is applied to outstanding income tax. Unusable tax credit may also be transferred to your spouse.

Benefits of Membership

  • Unique Club 400 identity pin

  • Exclusive Club 400 invitations to Conservative events in your local riding - most at cost

  • Club 400 updates so you know what is happening in government

  • Contributing to the success of your Conservative candidate in the next election

Sign up and invest in the future of a Conservative Canada NOW!

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