Conservative Bill Will Fix Reckless Liberal Catch-and-Release Parole Policies

March 29, 2023

OTTAWA, ON – After eight years of Justin Trudeau, soft-on-crime Liberal policies have made our streets more dangerous and our communities less safe. Conservatives are pressing the Trudeau government to reverse its reckless legislation that is releasing dangerous, repeat violent offenders into local communities. MP Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Quebec Lieutenant, introduced Bill C-325 to bring significant reforms to Canada’s Criminal Code and Corrections and Conditional Release Act that will restore safe streets.

“Justin Trudeau’s revolving door policies are putting a small number of dangerous, repeat violent offenders on our streets, with heartbreaking consequences in communities across our country,” said the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party. “Keeping dangerous repeat violent offenders behind bars and off our streets shouldn’t be a controversial proposition, but Trudeau and his Liberal government refuse to lift a finger to help communities that are suffering.”

Bill C-325 would undo elements of Bill C-5, passed by the Liberals last fall, and would put a stop to the alarming number of convicted violent criminals and sex offenders who are serving their sentences in their homes.

“It is unthinkable that sex offenders and other violent criminals are released to serve their sentences in the comfort of their living room while their victims and peaceful neighbours live in fear,” said MP Pierre Paul-Hus. “Bill C-5 is an insult to victims of crime, and we must do all we can to stand up for their rights and to protect law-abiding Canadians. We can’t let Justin Trudeau get away with putting the well-being of criminals ahead of the well-being of their victims.”

In order to address the small number of repeat offenders who commit a disproportionately large percentage of violent crimes, the Conservative bill also proposes to create a new offence in the Criminal Code for the violation of parole conditions imposed with certain serious offences. The bill would then require that these violations be reported to the relevant authorities.

MP Pierre Paul-Hus said more must be done to keep Canadians safe. As an example of the tragedies Bill C-325 aims to prevent, he points to the tragic case of Marylène Levesque, who was murdered in January 2020. Her murderer was Eustachio Gallese, a violent offender who had previously murdered his own wife and had faced no repercussions for repeatedly violating the conditions of his release.

The legislation aligns with a motion passed in Quebec’s National Assembly on February 15, which also calls for the prohibition of community sentences for crimes of serious sexual assault.