Meet Marc

Where I Stand

Transportation Infrastructure Projects


"I was very glad to announce major upgrades for Highway 7 including 4 laning and dividers between Maple Ridge and Mission and improvements to the Haney Bypass and also Pitt Meadows"


New School


"I can't count how many meetings I had over the years advocating for a new school in the Albion area of Maple Ridge. I know it made all the difference and I`m so pleased to see this $20+ million project well underway"


New MRI machine for Ridge Meadows Hospital


"After talking with doctors, medical staff and residents about the need for a MRI machine at RMH, I advocated for and help secure this invaluable diagnostic device for our community"


New Parkinson's Disease medication


"There have been so many changes in my life, it has been overwhelming. I`ve gone from having 6 long hours of immobility some days to zero seconds of it.  You were instrumental in this.  I am only one resident, but my health improvements stretch beyond me and have a positive effect in my Maple Ridge world.  We mention your name often" Chris Olsen


Restoration of School Bus service for our students


"Parents were very upset that school bus service was being discontinued.  I met with them and had conversations with the Premier and was able to secure transportation funding for our students locally and throughout"


Electrical Power


"When Whonnock residents contacted me about their frustrations regarding power interuptions costing them a lot of money, I met with BC Hydro who afterwards added extra capacity. In this pic,  I'm standing in front of the $700 million Ruskin Dam that is nearing completion"