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Marc's Message

Over the past number of months, I have been to thousands of doors in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. The number one issue of concern that I am hearing is ‘affordability’.  With the high cost of living in Greater Vancouver, most families are feeling very much squeezed.  The biggest expenditure for almost everyone is taxes - about one half of the average Canadian family’s income!

The Conservative Party believes this is way too much.  We want Canadians to keep more of their hard-earned dollars to spend on their own necessities. The Federal Liberals under Justin Trudeau is a ‘tax and spend’ political party unnecessarily and irresponsibly plunging us deeper and deeper into debt each year and chopping off tax breaks that the Conservatives had previously brought in. Some of the breaks that the Liberals axed were: the deduction for children being in sports or arts, the ability for families to split and lower their taxable income if they had children 16 or younger, the deduction for those who used transit (including West Coast Express).

We’ve already announced some new breaks including: savings of up to $4,000 for those on maternity or paternity leave, removal of GST on home heating, scrapping the Carbon Tax where it has been imposed by Trudeau Liberals and rebates for home energy efficiency improvements.  Stay tuned for more.

I have raised my family in this community and have been a long-time SD 42 teacher. I’ve also represented local residents as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for two terms.  I know Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows very well and I know how to fight for our communities to get things done, whether it be a new school, improved ambulatory service, an MRI at Ridge Meadows Hospital, 4-laning of Lougheed Hwy between Maple Ridge and Mission, housing, or listening to and standing up for residents on the issues of homelessness, drug addiction and crime.

On October 21st, it is my hope that you will vote for me as your next Conservative Member of Parliament.  I commit to work diligently and effectively for our communities, our families and our nation.


Kind Regards,

Marc Dalton

CPC Candidate

Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge